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Maryam Bukar Hassan  (Alhanislam)

A renowned poet, woman and girls rights advocate, and an exponent of the spoken word, who has performed festivals and event both locally and Internationally. She’s also a known motivational speaker and in this course, she shares her expertise on spoken work poetry. 


She is a consultant on digital communications at sktch studio and flares media, a story telling consultant at DFID now DAI since 2019 and a campaign coordinator for “” in Nigeria, She also sits as a director on the board of West African Youth Alliance. Maryam is an inspiring leader, a social media influencer, and a brand advocate. Through her platforms, she provides visibility for brands and promotes their essence to the hundreds of thousands of her followers - the demography of the followers is spread across Nigeria - particularly young women from Northern Nigeria who challenging the status quo and seeking for better opportunities for Nigerian women.


Maryam is an instructor on Sapphital learning platform, where she has courses on spoken word poetry and poetry for kids. In 2017 she signed caller tune contracts with Airtel, 9 Mobile and MTN.

She was an ambassador for the Islamic Ummah Relief international foundation and and a resident artist of the "FIVE COWRIES INITIATIVE" She is currently an ambassador to the Gheii (global envoy international foundation), Hulul Albina and the official AS ROMA academy in Nigeria as she is quite passionate about soccer and she also plays. Maryam is a published author of the works "many a rhyme and reason" and "in the heart of silence" She is an activist on violence against women and children and has gained vast recognition for her video on domestic violence, titled: ‘VIOLENCE HAS NO RELIGION’ on YouTube.


She is a co-founder of the DEEN AT HEART INITIATIVE which breaks into; • DEEN AT HEART MAGAZINE • SISTER’S CIRCLE • RAMADAN SHOW WITH ALHANISLAM In 2017 she released her spoken word album “IN THE HEART OF SILENCE”. Aside for poetry, Maryam is also the founder of Alhanislam Tutoring Services which is aimed at life coaching, counseling, speech therapy, and where kids are taught poetry, monologues, public speaking and spoken word.

She is the C.E.O of VARIETEA which is a hand-made healthy tea brand with a special formula that gives client a relaxing sensation and alleviates depression and high blood pressures. Maryam has organized seminars such as ‘The Power of the Web: digital revenue for the movie industry’ in collaboration with Mainta Entertainment and Loro Inc. She has also co facilitated workshops for ignite Africa and the ARDA organization, she is also a member of the CIA (cultural intellectual association Lagos).

This was started by herself and her mother all in the stride to enlighten and empower her community on what Islam truly is and also changing the narrative by using this platform to promote peaceful inter faith co-existence and humanity as a whole. Alhanislam due to her immense love for Africa which also led to her other nickname “DAUGHTER OF AFRICA” co-founded an organization with her Kenyan best friend, known as “THE CREATIVE CULTURAL REVIVAL” "We want to use this initiative to change the narrative of Africans to Africans and Africa to the world in general. People fear what they do not know, we want to get to know each other by connecting through art, culture and tourism, no African should be a stranger in another African country. This initiative will key into the African Union agenda 2063 “silencing the guns”, this initiative will connect people around the continent through art and culture, it will key into SDG’s 16, 17, 11". Alhanislam also has a merchandise line that carries her inspirational quotes on different items all in attempt to uplift the spirit of the society at large.

Deep inside our heart is a Spectrum, we see with light, we see you in colors, we reach for what's beyond, we want the beauty.

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