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Amu is a Social Entrepreneur, Investor, Teacher, Ex-Banker. I currently oversee a group of companies - Led by Sapphital - focused on driving eLearning development in Africa using the power of media, technology, local languages and art. We are EdTech and we are also a Social Enterprise. My major focus now is creating Global Partnerships and Collaboration to build an ecosystem for eLearning Development across Africa. My role brings together instructors, subject matter experts, and teachers from across world to offer learning to kids, young girls, families, communities, business owners, women, employees so they can thrive today and tomorrow. Sapphital is for Africa's development. I enjoy startups and have founded a couple myself across multiple industries. Teaching is my calling which I have done part time for 20+ years. Above all, I keep learning each day and humbled by the knowledge I discover. 

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