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Africa, Welcome to Youtherium


Africa, Welcome to Youtherium

Africa is home to 1.3 Billion people and of that, over 200 million reside in Nigeria.  


The United Nations Population Fund projects that Nigeria’s fast-growing population will hit  a whooping 400 million by 2050, narrowly overtaking the USA to become the third most populous country in the world while also becoming the world’s youngest population. 


Youtherium is offering 100 million young Africans a platform to learn practical skills and gain priceless knowledge in the coming years. This will ultimately set the African continent and its young people on a  sustainable growth path. 

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Video Editing Masterclass 
3rd of March, 2023 by 3PM West African Time (WAT).

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so let's talk numbers

In Africa, 60% of the population is less than 24 years old, which means there are over 700 million people in Africa younger than 24, and 120 million of that number is from Nigeria alone. 


In the next 5 years the 10 year olds will be 15, the 15s will be 20 and the 20s will be 25, this gives a bit of perspective on the immense potential of the African youth. The future of the continent lies in the hands of its fast-growing youth population.


Youtherium is here to ensure these youths are, beyond their school education, better prepared for the future which is now!

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The facts and figures show that in every sphere of human endeavour across the world, you will find Africans excelling. From football to music to product design to new innovations across the world, Africans are usually at the heart of it all. 

It is now an open secret that Africa is truly blessed, from natural resources to human capacity; boasting the best of minds, to the best of weather conditions. Truly, the potential of the African continent is simply colossal. Again the Youth in Africa need to own this continent. 


This is Our continent. Our Home. Our Africa. We believe in it, we know the potential we have and we are ready to take on our future through learning and skill acquisition, innovative ideas, developing and unleashing our inner potential for the betterment of Africa, its people and the larger world. 

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When we say Premium we mean in essence that our continent is premium, our people are premium, the African youth are PREMIUM. No matter the community or place you find yourself as an African youth, you are a premium youth. It is in our DNA, premium is our mindset.  


We designed and built Youtherium to be a premium quality platform at its very core. Youtherium is committed to bringing premium instructors, premium content, premium discussions, in all we do so as to elevate the mindset of all African youth whether home or abroad to premium. Never doubt your potential. 


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