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Every month, we bring the finest instructors from across the world to deliver live classes with our learners. You get the opportunity to: 

  1. Attend live and interact

  2. Learn from the experts

  3. Ask questions

  4. Join the ongoing community 

  5. Earn a certificate of completion for selected classes


The Youtherium live class series will take two formats;

  • One-off Sessions - Join live classes where you meet and learn from subject matter experts and instructors on a topic, and acquire a certificate of participation at the end.

  • The Youtherium Learning Path - A series of live classes that have been built into a  curriculum that leads to you acquiring knowledge and becoming competent in a particular field and being better able to thrive in your industry. The Learning Path leads to the award of a Certificate of Completion. 

become an instructor today

On YOUTHERIUM, anybody can teach a live class!.

Our instructors are creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals that excel at what they do and are eager to share their knowledge with others. Each of them have a distinct background, point of view, and teaching style.

Click the button below to join the Youtherium family.

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