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With a career spanning over 3 decades, Mrs. Maryam Lemu is an international speaker and an adept seminar and workshop facilitator. She is the founder of the Maryam Lemu Marriage Academy based in the U.K and Nigeria. She is also currently the Head of Administration and Resource Management at New Horizons College Minna, Nigeria. Mrs. Lemu has a broad range of expertise including Public Speaking, Counseling, Mentoring and Coaching, to name a few.


She has traveled around the world and has conducted workshops and retreats on a wide range of topics including marital and premarital talks, team building, leadership, effective presentation skills, personal development, and inter-faith topics that promote better peaceful co-existence. Mrs. Lemu is passionate about human development and character building and helps her audience to identify a sense of purpose and direction in life and the positive impact it exerts on both work and personal life. Also, she delivers engaging public talks on Living a life of purpose, Marital and Pre-marital topics. Using over 30 years of her marriage expertise, she particularly enjoys relationship coaching and counselling. She also provides consultancy to schools based on her strong commitment to character development, social responsibility, and value-driven leadership. She is committed to sharing her wisdom and knowledge with the youth and equipping them with life skills, beyond academic excellence. In addition to this, she produces YouTube/Instagram/Facebook video series and has a large social media following of over half a million. Some of her videos have had over 5 million views. Mrs. Lemu recently launched a 72-video online certified premarital masterclass, which is available on her website,

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