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The Learning Crisis in Africa

Africa has a learning crisis. More specifically, the divide between what we learn in school (from early days) and the practical skills, attitudes, technical know-how and knowledge that our people and our economies need to be productive and competitive.

The crisis goes much deeper for areas with little or no access to high quality tutors and learning infrastructure. This crisis has existed for decades and has now hit home with attendant consequences:

  • Barriers to employment

  • Lack of capacity for youths to start and sustain businesses.

  • ​Lowered earning potential later in life

  • Poverty and its attendant consequences

  • Long-term weak economic productivity at the national level.


We knew we had to do something to support the global efforts and thus, Youtherium was born.


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Enrollment for our upcoming Live Classes has begun. Join Lameen and other instructors as we guide you towards a successful career and business.



We built Youtherium to become the most authentic and authoritative platform that will address the Gaps in Education, Skills and Knowledge Acquisition in Africa. We knew there was a crisis but it hit us in 2020 during the COVID Pandemic when parents and students were ultimately stranded at home. 
So in 2021, we started thinking and designing the entire framework for addressing the Educational Crisis in a way that is sustainable, impactful and scalable. So we concluded - African Youths need three things as far as capacity building is concerned:

Good Education

A Good Education across all levels from elementary all the way to higher education where possible.


Practical Skills

A set of Practical Skills to be able to generate productive activities and utilize one’s head, heart and hands to create wealth.


Soft Skills

Continuous improvements in Soft Skills to maximize one’s full potentials and perform at all levels.


Youtherium was born to address both 2 and 3 above, thereby complementing the Education from our schools


To be the leading digital learning platform with the most influence on African Youths.


To create an easily accessible and influential platform with the powers of education, entertainment, and technology to empower the youths for life.

Youtherium Indoor shoot for roll up banner (4).jpg




It takes courage and a lot of positive energy to take on the massive task before us. We are talking about changing the lives of over 100 million young people through learning.



We like to think that our people are Intelligent, but it's not just about us; it is about how we serve our learners and communities. What we do at Youtherium requires us to bring creative solutions that best suit the African market. 



Youtherium belongs to every Youth across Africa. We are authentic, with a strong focus on our learners and community, giving everyone a Voice. 



We promise to put our best foot forward at all times for you, our learners, our clients, our partners, and our stakeholders. We will exercise due care and diligence in everything we do to serve you better and keep improving with each passing day.



Despite our diversity, we would cooperate and work as a team to pursue our collective vision at Youtherium. Additionally, we would collaborate with our external audience to take Youtherium across Africa. 

Our Journey


The idea was Birthed

June 2021

Version 1 of the platform was built

Dec 2021

Got commitment from strategic partners

March 2022

34 Young people joined the company 

June 2022

Version 2.0 of Youtherium 

Beta Testing  

July 2022

Soft Launch Youtherium on International Youth Day

August 2022

August 2022

Version 2.0 of Youtherium 

June 2022

Version 2.0 of Youtherium 

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