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SULEYMAN, Mohammed Dabai

He served as the Former Director, Financial System Strategy 2020 (Central Bank of Nigeria) 2015 – 2021. During his regime he was able to Review the FSS2020 Strategy in 2016 to make it more operational. Facilitated the development of the proposal for the establishment of the SME Bank. Facilitated the development of the Business Community Credit Model (B2CM) to support the funding for MSMEs in Nigeria. Facilitated the Development of the Minimum Competency Framework for the Financial Sector in Nigeria.


Facilitated the establishment of the High-Level Legal Working Committee to act as a support System for Financial Industry Bills and engagement platform with the National Assembly.  He worked on the development of an E-Library for the repository of FSS2020 Document and Historical records from inception to date. Facilitated the Establishment of 5 Sectoral for stakeholders in quarterly engagements for the Insurance, Mortgage, Pension, Financial Market and MSMEs Sectors with industry specialist, regulators and players to brainstorm on Industry Specific Issues.

He led the Review and Drafting of the Asset Backed Securities/Securitization Bill in conjunction with Financial System Stakeholders, while also promoting the establishment of an Industry Committee on the Diaspora Remittances through the Housing Sector, and a whole lot more.

Through his career he worked in the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (On Secondment) General Counsel  from (2013 – 2014). He also was the Legal Advice on Investments, Fund Management, and Infrastructure Development to CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA (1989 – 2004),  Served as the Head, Financial Crimes Control Office (2004 - 2011), as he served as the state counsel under the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE SOKOTO.

Never make anyone your priority when your just an option to them.

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NDIC First Public Organization To Be Awarded Three International Organization For Standards(ISO) Certifications
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